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Quality policy

Buckleys run an ISO9001:2008 quality management system certified by BUREAU VERITAS.

All products manufactured by the company are included and are CE certified where applicable.

Buckleys products are manufactured in accordance with relevant industry BSI Standards.

Buckleys is a member of BSI and all updates to the standards held are automatically received from BSI.

All products are tested in a staged approach throughout the manufacturing process with a final test prior to leaving the factory. Certificates or test, calibration or conformity are provided where applicable.

The Quality Manager is trained as a Quality Management Systems Auditor and is certified to course IRCA A17043 by the IQA international Register of Certified Auditors.

Quality Manager: Mr A D West, email:

Health and safety policy

Buckleys are committed to adopting and promoting a safe way of working on its premises and in its processes to keep employees and visitors safe. Buckleys complies with legislation including the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and PUWER.  Buckleys maintains a membership of the British Safety Council to keep informed of changes in health and safety management and to obtain guidance where required.

Buckleys moved into its current premises in 2010 and as such the building complies with the latest building standards. The factory was laid out with the latest fire regulations and health and safety in mind and monitored to ensure compliance.

Buckleys maintain a safe working environment by incorporating risk assessments for each area of its operations. The assessments include Fire Risks, COSHH Risks and machine orientated risks in its manufacturing Processes.

Employees are trained where required in the use of equipment, products and relating COSHH including external training for legislative requirements. Guidance materials in health and safety are easily available to employees should the need arise.

Accident recording
Buckleys are aware of the RIDDOR legislation and has had no major accidents/incidents in its recorded history.  All accidents, incidents and near misses are reported to management either directly by employees or via the trained first aiders and recorded on the company’s computer systems. The few minor accidents are for minor cuts and abrasions; the average being 2-3 per year.

Environmental policy

Buckleys are committed to adopting and promoting environmental good practice in the manufacture of all their products in line with governmental and EU policies.

Whilst Buckleys do not use chemicals to manufacture our products we are aware of the REACH directive and manage our use via material safety data sheets provided with chemical based products and include these in our risk and process assessments.

All waste is split into recycling, hazardous and normal waste. Hazardous waste is managed by an external company who provide a report in quantities removed from the factory. Waste from production processes is recorded and reviewed on a regular basis to improve the processes cutting down on waste and costs.

Buckleys continue to review their processes and procedures to reduce the amount of waste created.  Over the past few years Buckleys have reduced their paper based document management processes to electronic storage reducing the amount of paper and ink used in a bid to cut down on unnecessary waste.

Buckleys products comply with the RoHS2 and WEEE directives. All materials used in the manufacture of our products are RoHS2 compliant. Buckleys also comply with the WEEE regulations using and external company to handle any WEEE .  All products leaving the factory contain booklets with WEEE disposal information.

Buckleys takes responsibility for compliance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive 2002/96/EC (“WEEE”), including without limitation: reporting of equipment placed on the market, payment of ECO-fees to the appropriate authority in accordance with WEEE as transposed in national legislation. Registration Number WEE/HJ0051TQ

The responsibility and financing of WEEE recycling shall be passed to the B2B end user as per section 9.2 of the regulations. Buckleys (UVRAL) Ltd does not manufacture equipment for domestic use and hence, does not have any liability under the B2C regulation.

Financial and employee information policy

It is Buckleys policy not to provide detailed financial information about the company, details about its employees, suppliers or customers.

Financial information is reported as per legal requirements to the appropriate authorities.

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